An embodied-relational movement workshop for people who want to work with words and movement, body and mind, to explore more authentic and satisfying connection with themselves and others.

This workshop is an enquiry into how embracing the power of words and the wisdom of the moving body can help us experience more aliveness and authenticity in our relationship with ourselves and others. 


We will work with a structured group process in which verbal-based sessions and non-verbal, movement-based sessions alternate with each other in an unfolding cycle. The movement sessions, sometimes to music and sometimes without, create a container to become present to our own embodied experience and to pay attention to our inner impulses to move in and out of relational contact with others. In the verbal-based sessions, we practise speaking from the heart about what is emerging in the here-and-now while also offering deep listening. We will have the opportunity to unpack non-verbal interactions, receive feedback on how we impact others and explore interpersonal dynamics.

Here's a brief video of Lucy explaining how the structured group process works.

Future date to be confirmed.

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