a Dance of Awareness  workshop ( 7 days )

“You can‘t do what you want, till you know what you are doing."   

- Moshe Feldenkrais


Sometimes it’s necessary to look back and understand how the past is influencing you before you are free to move forward.  When you engage with your unconscious conditioning - especially at an embodied level -  powerful change becomes possible and you start to have more choice about how you are living your life. 


Dance of Awareness  is an embodied movement practice that is designed to help you consciously connect with your body and explore developmental themes from early childhood. By revisiting imprints from your formative years, you can let go of self-limiting patterns from the past, expand your sense of who you truly are and explore more authentic and nourishing ways of relating to others.


No previous movement experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore your connection to your self and others through dance and movement. There are no steps to learn and you are encouraged to move in a way that feels right for you. 

What is Dance of Awareness?

Dance of Awareness  is a group movement practice which aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance. It integrates five main streams of influence: Post-Reichian body psychotherapy, 5 Rhythms dance, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement and Mindfulness. 


The Dance of Awareness cycle takes you through a dynamic movement journey which consists of six sequential phases: Sensing; Grounding; Expressing; Releasing; Connecting and Completing. Informed by ideas from psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology, the cycle is designed to evoke and remind the body-mind of childhood stages of development from pre-birth to around 5 years. This formative time is when the growing sense of self becomes embodied through interaction with its environment and sets the patterns for adulthood. By letting these embodied patterns emerge and literally move through us, what was unconscious and automatic, can start to be consciously felt and engaged with. This opens up the opportunity to celebrate strengths and resources that have evolved and move beyond our early conditioning.


Activities and Outcomes 

The week allows for a good balance of dancing/movement sessions with opportunities to share verbally in order to unpack and integrate experiences. Each day we will focus on one of the six phases of the Dance of Awareness cycle allowing for an indepth exploration of each developmental stage. We will work with Reichian-based breath and body work designed to soften and release blocks held in the body-mind and restore the natural flow of life energy. The week is paced to allow for periods of rest and walks in the beautiful bay and beach of Findhorn. 


Using the support of the group environment and the permission of the dance floor, this workshop encourages you to play, take risks and try out new possibilities for being, moving and relating. Having the opportunity to dance every day allows you to tap into the inherent aliveness and wisdom of the moving body. You will leave having a better understanding of how early patterns may be holding you back and how you can move forward in your life feeling more connected to who you truly are. 

Dates: 28 March-3 April


Cost: Tiered pricing £1110/£840/£690

Venue: Findhorn Foundation, Scotland


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