a 1-day Dance of Awareness  workshop

We reach out to others when they need help but what do we do with parts of ourselves that are in need of support? In this workshop, we will enquire how can we befriend ourselves?  How can we relate to our painful feelings, fearful thoughts and habitual patterns with curiosity, openness and kindness? 

We will move our way through the Dance of Awareness cycle (Sensing, Grounding, Expressing, Releasing, Connecting and Completing) to connect with ourselves and others, cultivating our ability to stay present with emotions felt in the body. Using the medium of dance and movement to create more spaciousness and awareness around our automatic reactions, we will practise counteracting the tendency to judge and push away what feels uncomfortable, and learn to stay with and befriend all that we are experiencing.

Date: 1st February 2020

Times: 10.30am - 5pm

Cost: £65 or £55 early bird (non-refundable) if paid in full by January 18th

Venue: James Milne Institute, Findhorn, IV36 3YF

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