Dance of Awareness  is an embodied movement practice which integrates five main streams of influence: Post-Reichian body psychotherapy, 5 Rhythms dance, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement and Mindfulness. It was developed by Tim Bond, a body psychotherapist, and Clare Osbond, a dance movement psychotherapist, who run the Brighton School of Embodied Therapy.

The Dance of Awareness cycle follows an energetic wave, charging and discharging, through six sequential phases: Sensing; Grounding; Expressing; Releasing; Connecting and Completing.


The cycle is designed to evoke and remind the body-mind of childhood stages of development from pre-birth to around 5 years. It is informed by psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology. Each phase provides an opportunity to work with key developmental themes and issues, such as safety, trust, support, validation, autonomy and contact, as well as the parts of the body associated with that developmental phase.


This formative period is when the growing sense of self becomes embodied through interaction with its environment and sets the patterns for adulthood. By letting these embodied patterns emerge and literally move through us, what was unconscious and automatic can start to be consciously felt and engaged with. This opens up the opportunity to celebrate the strengths and resources that have evolved and to let go of self-limiting patterns which are no longer serving us. By revisiting old imprints, we can move beyond our early conditioning and discover new ways of moving and relating.